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Formless Taoism Foundation, a sect of Taoism, a 501© 3c organization in the state of PA. 


Ted Cibik, Ph.D., ND, DMQ (China),  Formless Taoism priest, is a speaker, healer and author who has been passionate about all forms of healing since childhood.  As a child, Ted crossed over twice, leading to a direct transmission and understanding of the divine. As a result, he has dedicated his life to healing himself and others, and now helps  others understand life's greater mysteries.


An 89th generation disciple of Jade Purity/Lao Tzu Sect - a 7,000 year Taoist tradition of physicians and priests, Dr. Cibik is the Executive Director of Inner Strength, Inc – a Mind Body Education and treatment center utilizing cutting edge integrative medicine modalities incorporating the best of movement therapy, energy medicine and meditation. He is also on the UPMC interfaith clergy for Taoist patient.


Dr. Cibik has been introduced on radio and television as the “Renaissance Man” for his diverse interests and training in science, healing, spirituality, exercise science and martial arts.

Inner Strength, Inc – a Mind Body Education and treatment center where Formless Taoism classes and lecture are currently held.  We educate and set up complete physical and mental performance strategies for individuals trying to recover from chronic disease, major illness and life-threatening conditions. This integrates, but is not limited to, complete nutritional optimization, physical enhancement/recuperation strategies and Transformative Mental Paradigms that address stress, fear and anxiety. Our approach uses the best of integrative therapies being researched globally as well as therapies over 5,000 years old.


Our center has classrooms as well as limited number of accommodations for students and clients to stay overnight.  It's located on 30 beautiful acres of woodlands and meadows in the rolling hills of Western Pennsylvania. Nature is a part of the healing processes that occur here.

For more information about private coaching with Ted Cibik, please visit www.inner-strength.com

Home Certification Private Study  Workshops  PodcastsThe Essence Ceremonies