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 Dr Cibik is an registered wedding official with the state of Pennsylvania.


For those looking for a spiritually moving, custom ceremony to celebrate weddings, commitments, renewals, or any other occasion, a Formless Daoism ceremony can be crafted especially for you.


Weddings & Commitment Ceremonies

Dr. Cibik will meet with the couple several times prior to their ceremony to learn about them, their beliefs, and work together in creating a ceremony filled with meaning and intention. The meeting also include assistance to the couple in creating communication strategies that allow them to enter into their new relationship with an open avenue of listening and speaking. Weddings can be performed in the Pittsburgh area, and small ceremonies can also be performed on the grounds at Inner Strength.


Ceremonies of Power

There are other situations in life where having a ceremony to honor a new start or the close of a chapter of life can be empowering. A ceremony of empowerment for new jobs, divorces, new family members, memorials, and new phases of life can be created and performed by Dr Cibik.

For more information about creating ceremony with Ted Cibik, please call 724-845-1041 or email

Home Certification Private Study  Workshops  PodcastsThe Essence Ceremonies