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“The Formless Way
We look at it, and do not see it; it is invisible.
We listen to it, and do not hear it; it is inaudible.
We touch it, and do not feel it; it is intangible.
These three elude our inquiries, and hence merge into one.

Not by its rising, is it bright,
nor by its sinking, is it dark.
Infinite and eternal, it cannot be defined.
It returns to nothingness.
This is the form of the formless, being in non-being.
It is nebulous and elusive.

Meet it, and you do not see its beginning.
Follow it, and you do not see its end.
Stay with the ancient Way
in order to master what is present.
Knowing the primeval beginning is the essence of the Way.”
Tao Te Ching



This program

runs from

June 2020 to May 2021


Only 20 Students

will be accepted into this



Limited Class Size to assure each student gets individualized attention


Register Today to hold your space




Tuition is $2500 per year, if paid by June 27.


A Monthly Subscription payment option is available for $175


($500 deposit is required to begin program)





Immortal Mind® Initiates

             Online Taoist Retreat Program With Dr Ted Cibik

       Begins June 27, 2020

A new 1 year long Immortal Mind class will be starting In June 2020 that will be available online and onsite

“A new Immortal Mind class will be starting that will be available online as well as in person here!

This is class perfect for those who want to delve deeper into Asian philosophy, modern science of the mind and brain, pathways to enlightenment and staying clear and grounded in a very tumultuous world. As the counselor of many therapists, physiologists and psychiatrists for over 25 years, I can attest that this is not therapy per se, but a higher calling of mind and spirit.

Being pronounced dead in hospitals twice in my life, gives one a different perspective of life, what it means to be alive and spiritual connections that are not found in standard teachings of Buddhism, Christianity, Kabbalah or Native American. It is different, and has to be experienced as my students will attest.

We will create a new language that fits into the landscape that we are going to paint for you in understanding yourself, your connection to those you love and to Universal Law. We will discover the ancient wisdom behind acupoints and point combinations, their true meaning (not what is in acupuncture books) but how they were meant for you to discover the beauty of your own mind. We will uncover your feelings, your thought patterns, your habits and allow you to grow to understand yourself in such a deep and profound way, that you could not help but love yourself.

This course will awaken your mind and your Spirit in a way that has practical applications in your living, loving and how you work. It is brutally honest, grounded, and down to Earth. So if your ready to be that way with yourself and find that part in you that you have been searching for and want to experience that with other people in a community of independent thinkers, please join us in June.”


Immortal Mind Initiates Dates -

 Class from 9 am - 5pm ET ( with breaks)

The class will meet online, one day a month (Generally Saturdays) for one full year.

June 27, 2020
July 25, 2020
August 29, 2020
October 3, 2020
October 31, 2020
November 28, 2020
January 2, 2021
January 30, 2021
February 27, 2021
March 27, 2021
April 24, 2021
May 29, 2021

Program Format:

Each session is LIVE and not recorded. Interaction with Dr Cibik and the class is a part of the learn process. We use ZOOM, and you can attend via phone or computer. You can listen to the audio and watch the video when using a computer. Classes are held at the Inner Strength Campus, and students are invited to attend in person in order to enjoy the 88 acres of nature to practice meditations. The retreat day is structured with lecture, meditation practice, philosophical questions and journaling assignments, qigong practice and self reflection and more.  Students will have home work to do prior to the next session, to help integrate the learning of the weekend.

A Private Facebook group will exist for the students as well, allowing them to commutate with each other and Dr Cibik between sessions.

The retreat weekends  are designed to:

· To work with the wisdom of nature, as a way to understand one’s self and how to solve 21st century problems. 

· Share new material (not available in books) that  validates the ancient practices  

· Integrate prior reading and self-practice into a deeper spiritual understanding 

· Answer questions from a Taoist perspective and Dr. Cibik's own personal experience about what happens when one crosses over 

· Learn valuable philosophy and practice passed down from an oral tradition of over 7,000 years 

· Provide tools for the seekers who have deeper questions of life and its meaning. 

· To discover the uniqueness of one's own mind.



Your investment in yourself is $2500. A $500 a deposit holds your space, as there is a limited number of spots in this program to provide personal interaction.

Pay the balance of $2000 by June 25 or $175 per month via Paypal subscription billing.


Practitioners, teachers and healers who wish to further understand what is holding them back from  a deeper spiritual understanding and internal peace.

It also gives the tools needed to work with qigong students or clients that in addition to the energy work, can help them also reach deeper levels of self understanding and spiritual connection.

  • You desire to become more spiritual in your healing practice.

  • You want to deepen your faith in the world of energy medicine into spiritual realms and dimensions rarely taught.

  • You are ready to deepen your own self cultivation. Intuitively you know something is lacking in your practice, and you are not sure what that is.

  •  You want to understand and learn to deal with internal and external Gui and Mo – Ghosts and demons.

  •  The world of the Shaman and healer has always interested you, but there was never an opportunity for clear concise instruction.

The program is open to any and all looking to deepen their own connection to the divine, irregardless of religious belief.


Register Today  

Reasons to Begin the Journey into Immortal Mind®:

You want to develop a inner strength and self confidence that cannot be shaken 

You want to come to understand your destiny and your inner divinity

 You want to overcome the things that are holding you back from truly enjoying life

Often people speak of Body, Mind and Spirit.

But how does this description relate to you personally and or in the manifestation of your moment-by-moment experience?
With the premise that mind creates reality, then to understand ones own mind and everything about oneself from a Body, Mind and Spirit plane, one must cultivate the trinity of Mind.
The trinity of mind is:  Self-reverence, Self-knowledge and Self-control leading to Self-contemplation, introspection and spiritual research. These are the tenets of Formless Taoism.

 Nature and its unlimited potential are models to learn by and become to understand yourself

Want to hear more about Immortal Mind®, Formless Daoism, it's essence and the study program?

Listen to Ted Cibik, on the

 Inner Strength Blog Talk Radio Channel


The IMMORTAL MIND course will ask some very deep questions of its participants.


It is a course for those who want to explore their unique mind so they can have a higher quality in life.

It is not just for spiritual seekers, but also for those who want to think more efficiently in their daily life and for those who want to preserve their integrity of mind as they inevitably age.



Those who have felt stuck in life, unable to escape their own spiraling thought patterns of depression or lack of self worth have also found this course of study a way out of their own pattern of self limiting thinking. Therapists and healers, business professionals and spiritual leaders have all found this course to assist them in their life work.


Deep deep thinking requires hard work. It takes courage and desire to want to know how to live better. The true power of the mind has not been reached yet. The techniques to open the mind are not new, but the way we approach it and teach it is.


If you are well read, and/or meditate frequently, and/or pray frequently and want to see more beauty in living, then this course is for you. Take your spiritual and energetic training to a new level.


Such questions, introspections and reflections as: 

  • Who am I?

  • Where am I going in life?

  • Who is in charge?

  • What is mind? What is the brain?

  • What is your relationship between mind, brain and CNS?

  • Particles, Waves, quarks and things that matter

  • What Is consciousness as it applies to daily living?  Spiritual Living?

  • How to be spiritual, yet live among the living

All these questions / introspections will be covered and discussed in a open accepting format, allowing one to open their mind to a linkage thinking process.

Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.

Rachel Carson





Register today and save your space in this powerful program that you can do from the comfort of your home!

$500 deposit with payment through Paypal

For more information about the upcoming program,

please call 724-845-1041 or email us


or REGISTER with this form and mail a  CHECK


This course of study is perfect those who love to study spirituality, deepen their connection to the divine, or are the eternal seeker.  As Chinese philosophy and use of medical qigong is a part of the program a background in qigong or Taoism can be helpful but not necessary.

For those interested in the Retreat option of the program, attendance is optional but encouraged in order to maintain your growth and support your life changes.


After completion of the of Immortal Mind® Imitates program, with all assignment completed, you may continue your study for your  Spiritual Coaching Certification.

 Please contact us with your interest in this program.



Create a complete Onsite Retreat

LIMITED SPACE at Chi House available

for those looking for a

full weekend experience away from the world.

(other B&B options are close by)


Reservations taken on a first come basis,

Staying onsite  gives the student the opportunity to utilize the walking trails and gardens, full kitchen use,

and a step away from the fast paced world.


CHI House


Are you new to  Taoism?

This is a perfect program for those who are looking for ways to better understand themselves by understand the cycles of nature and the way qi energy works within our bodies.

If you are a student of Taoism this could also be the perfect group for your to deeper your studies. Dr Cibik covers material in a way that everyone, regardless of level, has room to explore and learn about themselves.


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