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Reasons to Begin the Journey

Immortal Mind® Spiritual Coaching


You want to be a healer or already are a healer, but desire to become more spiritual in your healing practice.


You want to deepen your faith in the world of energy medicine into realms and dimensions rarely taught.


Intuitively you know something is lacking in your practice, and you are not sure what that is.


 The world of the Shaman and healer has always interested you, but there was never an opportunity for clear concise instruction.


 Nature and its unlimited potential are models to learn by and become to understand yourself


You want to develop a inner strength and self confidence that cannot be shaken 

You want to come to understand your destiny and inner divinity

 You want to overcome the things that are holding you back from truly enjoying life

PATH ONE: Looking to Resolve Life Issues Now

You can schedule private counseling sessions at our retreat location, Inner Strength.  At our retreat location, you have time to meditate, do qigong, connect with the energy of nature and step away from the world of electronics.  Here, you can reconnect with the sights, the sounds and the scent of nature.

You can schedule one session or a private training retreat.  At a retreat, your daily sessions with Dr Cibik will include a coaching session on how to use the Formless Daoism principals in your daily life, and may also include specific qigong practices and recommended meditations. The rest of your day is to be spent in meditation, reflection, journaling, and self cultivation practices. As you stay at our retreat house, and have that time and space to think and just be.

This path is perfect for anyone looking to find tranquility, balance and to restore their sense of self.

Single session counseling is available at $175 per hour. This is available in person or via teleconferencing. Your first session with with Dr Cibik is a TWO hour session to assure time for background information to be covered. Initial sessions are $275.

Spiritual Retreat pricing is based on the options you choose for your stay.

We recommend a minimum 3 day/2 night  retreat plan of $850 which includes:

  •  1 two hour session with Dr Cibik on your first day

  • Two 1 hour session on day 2 and 3

  • Overnight accommodations at CHI house on Day one and two.

Please call us or email us for more details:

724-845-1041  or info@inner-strength.com


PATH TWO: Private training as a Immortal Mind Initiate In China’s long medical history, many classical Chinese medicine schools developed with different ideologies on how to heal body/mind and sprit (Jing, Qi, Shen). The Formless Taoism instruction is broken into two separate but cohesive elements of Yin and Yang /Earth and Heaven training.

The first portion of the program is called The School of Wisdom and Understanding.


The second portion of the program is called Divine Union and Teaching.

The course is designed for serious students to dedicate off-campus time for reading, research and study, answering Dr. Cibik’s written assignments, doing self-cultivation practice, and becoming introspective of their studies with silent retreat time.

The private study time with Dr. Cibik are designed to bring new material (not available in books) to the student's attention and integrate their prior reading and self-practice into a deeper understanding, to have questions answered, to work in a clinical setting, and to hear information passed down from an oral tradition.  

Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.

Rachel Carson



Prerequisites for Private study Immortal Mind ® COURSE: 

This course of study is reserved for people who are actively practicing energy work and prayer including meditation, for several years. It is assumed that there is foundational knowledge of energy terminology and one can feel Qi in various parts of their anatomy.

The Medical Qigong for Self Health Course is highly suggested, or it’s equivalent, prior to enrollment along with several of the Taoist lectures and seminars here at Inner Strength.

As the serious practicing student comes to realize, to assist people in their spiritual journey takes thousands of hours of study and practice -so a weekend or week of study does not adequately qualify anyone to become a teacher or counselor in spiritual matters.

The program is flexible allowing the student to schedule the time with Dr. Cibik needed to complete the program. This course of study is highly personalized to the students and provides personal guidance to the student.  2018 private study costs with Dr Cibik are $175 an hour.

The number of days and hours needed with Dr. Cibik to complete the program is based on the students level of progress and ability to work in a self study environment off site between meetings. We highly encourage students to take this coursework in a series of eight scheduled 5 day sessions, over a period of two years, to allow time to process and integrate each section. Other options are also available.

It may be possible to also work with Dr. Cibik through phone or Skype sessions.

A deposit of $1000 is required upon program registration and the balance due at the start of the first scheduled private training session. A list of books needed for the course will be emailed once the deposit is received. Classroom supplies and books are not included in the tuition. As one would expect a more cost effective form of obtaining certification is available through the Group Program, however private training allows the student to explore in their time frame, and experience level.


PATH THREE: GROUP Retreat Program Immortal Mind® Initiate

New programs offered yearly, you can read more about this exceptional experience at Immortal Mind Initiate Program


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